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React is one of the famous frontend web development libraries which is developed and maintained by Facebook and developers. Easy to learn, Good Documentation to read, High performance due to the good architecture are reasons for the popularity of the React over other front-end development frameworks. In the React development component is the key factor.

Everything is considered as the components to React. This helps to the reusability of the component. React is rich with inbuilt components. But for the further improvement, we can use third-party libraries which comes as a dependency in React.

So in this article let’s talk…

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The database is one of the main key factors in the IT Industry. Many companies are working especially on developing different types of databases to different use cases. There are many specified job fields in databases. Databases are mainly used to store the data. Software Developers select suitable databases according to their need. So let’s talk about different types of databases that are used in the modern world.

Relational Databases

Pasindu Ukwatta

Undergraduate of the University of Moratuwa 👨‍🎓, Faculty of Information Technology 👨‍💻, likes Python | React | JavaScript | Java | Machine Learning😎

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